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About Us & Our Approach

Our mission is to help bring great ideas to life through technology in a sustainable and responsible way.  Whether you’re just starting out, seeking your seed round, or you’re farther along and in a growth phase to get to the next level, we have a flexible solution for you.

This means we leverage a lean approach but at the same time, will ensure technical decisions are made through mutual understanding between business stakeholders and Product Engineering. Through our processes, we are able to keep non-technical founders aware of how their decisions affect the product and technology so they can be made with full information.

We are also looking to help reduce the waste of investor dollars in Product Engineering by providing affordable enterprise level capacity and non-dogmatic technology choices.

Moreover, we use a mixture of Domain Driven and Attribute Driven Design to produce software architecture that is understandable by startup CEOs, doesn't reinvent the wheel, and produces real agility / velocity.  This is achieved by combining thoughtful research and leveraging existing technology assets; which means not using the business as an excuse for making fast, uninformed decisions.

We provide complete technology executive teams and the product engineering resources to deliver confidently.

Some pre-seed ideas we partner on will become part of our incubator.  Please see the incubator and angel fund pages for more information.

What We Offer

Advisory Services

As trusted technology advisors, we:

  • Work with startups, investors, and established firms in various advisory capacities
  • Help analyze ideas, provide execution strategy, and augment current teams
  • Provide custom solutions in recruitment, ideation, scaling, and product reimagining
  • Provide an on-site technology presence for meetings with investors and clients

MVP & Product Development

We love building great products.

To that end, we:

  • Work with founders and core tech leadership, when it exists, to translate ideas into an MVP specification using a combination of Lean and Design Thinking
  • Work to understand your product / market deeply, and then use our team or a combination of your team and our team to build a Minimum Viable Product that can be used to test your idea or raise capital
  • Deliver on all other Product Engineering initiatives

Technical Co-Founders / Partners

As business partners, we:

  • Work to build a great business in addition to a great product
  • Partner with founders to run the entire lifecycle of development
  • Analyze the business, design the product, architect the system, provide or supplement the team, and run the development
  • Meet with clients, investors, and any other stakeholders
  • Believe in coaching founders on technology and strategy, and take a company from MVP to a viable business or from one stage to the next (such as preparing for or executing a growth phase)

Our Team

Our core team is comprised of cross disciplinary leaders and technologists that are product focused and have a good sense of market dynamics.  We are capable of transforming vision and ideas into executable roadmaps that result in marketable products.  More than anything, we bring frameworks and a proven thought process for how to manage Product Engineering at all stages: from pre-seed to multibillion dollar corporations.

We have a blend of enterprise and entrepreneurial experience and have developed large scale mission critical systems across industries.  Our execution team comes from a network of local and nearshore talent with a strong pedigree.  We look for problem solvers with a background in CS / STEM / Software Engineering and a strong business mind.  Each initiative requires a different blend of abilities / skills and we assemble the appropriate team for each from our curated network.  

Ultimately, we work as a unit with founders and other team members to bring ideas to life and to level up businesses.


Howie Altman

I'm an experienced business driven technology executive possessing proven expertise, a track record spanning nearly 20 years across multiple industries and company sizes, and the ability to align technology with business priorities.

Graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's School of Engineering.

Jose Bonetti

I'm an executive with more than 15 years of experience building effective and high performing technology teams. I'm also the co-founder and managing director of GBH, a technology company in the Dominican Republic where we help entrepreneurs and established businesses transition an idea/vision to working products.

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon.

Milton Hernandez

I strive to create competitive advantages by solving complex, relevant problems in creative, new ways by finding new applications of technologies or creating new ones, only as needed.

I have 20 years of experience in Computer Science, Architecture, Machine Learning, and Optimization.

Graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo.

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